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The Ephemeral Year in Review

Years are ephemeral by definition – they go and you can never return to them. But you can remember them and the things that happened in them. So in the spirit of the zillions of “Review of the Year” shows that … Continue reading

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Elves in SPAAACE!!!

I have a confession to make. I actually quite like Games Workshop models. Most people in the UK will be aware of the Games Workshop stores, with models of strange monsters in the windows. But most people don’t realise that the … Continue reading

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Giant Stompy Robots!!!

As a child of the eighties, it’s no surprise that I’m a fan of giant robots. Between the decade’s general technophilia and its obsession with all things Japanese, robots made up a fair portion of its zeitgeist (or at least it … Continue reading

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As a child, I thought the Beano was vulgar…

There’s no comic review this week, because my comic order is trapped somewhere in the icy wasteland that is central Scotland. Hopefully they’ll be defrosted in time for next week. So, in place of my normal review, I thought I’d recall … Continue reading

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From the Rooftops

My friend Sarah has kindly plugged this blog on her own blog “From the Rooftops” I’m more than happy to return the favour for her blog – it’s filled with many fine examples of Sarah’s excellent photography, which is charming, intelligent … Continue reading

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Comic Review #4 – X-Factor

Yes, you read that right. X-Factor. But not *that* X-Factor. *This* X-Factor. I’ve never seen the X-Factor that’s shown on Saturday evenings, but I gather it doesn’t feature mutants fighting zombie vikings. X-Factor the comic does. The comic actually predates the … Continue reading

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