The Ephemeral Year in Review

Years are ephemeral by definition – they go and you can never return to them. But you can remember them and the things that happened in them.

So in the spirit of the zillions of “Review of the Year” shows that the TV stations produce each year, I’m going round the cul-de-sacs of popular culture and picking my favourites from 2010.

(I should point that these are things I’ve read/watched/built in the year – some of them may have come out before 2010, but it’s my blog, so it reflects my experience…)

Comic of the year


I’ve blogged about Taskmaster before, but I have to reiterate how refreshing it was to have a 30 year old minor villain turned into a complex and tragic figure. The fact that it had some of the sharpest dialogue in comics and didn’t take itself too seriously helped a lot too.

Comic compilation of the year


Captain Britain & MI:13: Vampire State

This compiles the last comics in the Captain Britain series before it was cancelled. It’s by Paul Cornell, who’s now doing Knight and Squire.

It’s the story of Dracula’s attempts to take over Britain, opposed by Captain Britain and the other members of MI:13 (including Blade, film fans).

It brimming with ideas, like vampire pirate ships in space, vampires being used as ballistic missiles and a load of other permutations on vampire legends.

It’s even got a Dad’s Army tribute. 

Model of the year

Imperial Guard Valkyrie

I was ridiculously pleased with this model – it’s very detailed, with a nice interior. It  kept me busy for months. I’m also please with how the paint scheme turned out – although it took me weeks to get the yellow nose right.

TV programme of the year

Dr Who

Although I’ve not really blogged on it yet, I’m a huge Dr Who fan. Have been for years; even before it was popular.

The latest season was a real pleasure, with some cracking episodes. It was well paced and it felt like a story about time and space, with less of the kitchen sink issues that some of the earlier stories had.

Box set of the year

The Avengers – Series 4

This compiles the first Emma Peel season of the Avengers. It was made 10 years before I was born and it’s in black and white.

It’s also brilliant. Where lesser TV programmes would have made do with one bizarre idea for a story, the Avengers will use at least 3.  Despite this, it never feels camp or forced – Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg take nuclear bombs hidden in department stores and murderous marriage bureaux in their well mannered stride.


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