Space vampires and other strangeness

The blog had a bit a of a spike in visitors this week – it turns out that Taskmaster has been unveiled as a hidden character in Marvel vs Capcom 3, which led people to this site (where I have been known to go on about the Taskmaster comic…)

This led me and my friend Sarah to talk about some of the searches that lead people to our respective blogs.

The most popular search term on her website is “one page mini  books”. 

On mine, one search term has been “space vampires”. (Which was a bit of a puzzle, as I didn’t think I’d written about  space vampires. Space Elves, yes, but no space vampires.)

Anyway, we agreed that a post featuring one page mini books AND space vampires would be a guaranteed hit.

The resulting post is here. And it is a work of genius.


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7 Responses to Space vampires and other strangeness

  1. That is the fanciest link I’ve ever had to my blog.

  2. There was a curly haired vampire too…

  3. All similarities to vampires or geeks, living, dead or undead, is entirely coincidental. Honest.

  4. Steve says:

    Ah, yes you did. “Vampire pirate ships in space” even! Cunning that Dracula…

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