Looking back at Three Things February

It’s been almost a week since February came to a close and with it, Three Things February. I’ve now had a look back my blog entries, sorted them into some sort of ad hoc categories and tried to see if there was any kind of pattern.

A few things did become obvious (although I should point out that nothing even resembling detailed analysis was carried out):

1) I have a lot of odd or amusing conversations – I counted 18 entries for them – ranging from whether Bruce Dickinson is a superhero, to the consequences of tea drinking in Westerns.

2) 14 entries on music or relating to music. This is the trend that really surprised me as the month went on. I’m spectacularly unmusical – I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I can’t play any musical instrument and I have no sense of rhythm. But music still seems to make me smile.

3) There were also 14 entries on food and drink – this is less of a surprise – I knew I had a healthy appetite.

4) There were far less entries that I expected on the acquisition of stuff, with the notable exceptions of books and a kettle (which was mostly to ensure I was able to make tea…). I appears that I’m less of an enthusiastic consumer than I thought.


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