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New Who

As I type this, it’s less than a week until the new season of Dr Who starts. I’m really looking forward to it. But what I find particularly pleasing is that so many other people are looking forward to it … Continue reading

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What is best?

Elinor and I are rather fond of the early Schwarzenegger film, “Conan the Barbarian“. In one scene, the future governor of California is asked, “What is best in life?” He replies, “To drive your enemies before you, to crush them, … Continue reading

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The Five Ages of Comics – The Golden Age

(See here for an introduction to the Five Ages of Comics)  Without the Golden Age of Comics there wouldn’t have been any super hero comics. For that reason alone, the Golden Age is the most important of all of the … Continue reading

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The Five Ages of Comics – Introduction

Starting with Superman’s first appearance  in 1938, super hero comics have been going for almost three-quarters of a century. Over the years, comic fans have come up with different “ages” of comics to reflect how the style and content of comics has changed … Continue reading

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