What is best?

Elinor and I are rather fond of the early Schwarzenegger film, “Conan the Barbarian“. In one scene, the future governor of California is asked, “What is best in life?”

He replies, “To drive your enemies before you, to crush them, and to hear the lamentation of their women.”

Not sentiments that I agree with personally, but I have found myself asking “what is best?” on more than one occasion.

Or to phrase the question in a more precise way, that’s relevant for this blog, “What elements would there be in the best film/comic/novel/computer game ever?”

This a list of things that I’d like to see – it’s gratuitously subjective, non-binding and not at all comprehensive. It’s definitely not a list that will lead to Great Art. It is, in essence, a list of stuff I think is cool and should be in films/books/games.

– Pirates (Pirates are cool. Everyone knows that.)

– Ninjas (If you have pirates, you have to have ninjas too. Fact.)

– Dinosaurs (Dinosaurs are also cool. Ask any seven year old.)

– Giant robots (My love of giant robots is previously stated.)

– Airships (Airships are awesome – I mean to do a post on them some time – but for the moment, just imagine something as big as the Titanic that *flies*)

– Sword fights (These tend to come with pirates and ninjas, but I do love swashbuckling films.)

(And before anyone asks, zombies are *not* getting on the list.)

Now these aren’t a guarantee of a good or enjoyable film/book/game (*cough* Transformers 2 *cough*), but they certainly increase the chances to my mind.

Which makes it all the worse that *this* never got made:


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