From the Workbench 3 – The Bank Holiday

Here in the UK we’ve just experienced a rash of bank holidays, due to Easter and the royal wedding. (And, no, I don’t why the banks are used to indicate public holidays…)

It’s traditional for bank holidays be used as an opportunity to catch up on DIY, which in my childhood usually involved visiting giant warehouse stores in search of tiles and bits of wood.

I’m under no illusions as to my utter lack of ability at DIY, and hence I instead took the opportunity to catch up on my model building.

When I last talked about my models, my two projects were the Space Elves and the Medusa self-propelled mortar.

At the time, the Space Elves looked like this:

and the Medusa looked like this:

The Space Elves are now done and look like this:

(The grass base is from model railway scenery that I snaffled from my father-in-law).

The Medusa now looks like this:

It’s not quite complete; the Dreaded Decals need to be done and there some little details that still need to be finished. (The figure on the left is eventually going to be holding a mug of tea in his hand…)

That said, I’m very pleased with how the model has turned out – it’s the first resin kit I’ve made and despite it having to be assembled with superglue, there weren’t any disasters in the building.

It’s painted in what I like to think of as deep bronze green (the label actually says “Orkhide Shade”); it’s meant to be reminiscent of pre-war British artillery and it’s come up quite nicely.

The next model has been started – it’s going to be a supply truck for the Medusa and will possibly involve an element of scratchbuilding…


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