Cocktail of the Week – Dirty Martini

Based on Sarah’s suggestion, this is a new feature, based on my adventures through various classic cocktails.

Cocktails seem to fit with the theme of the blog, being both pointless and ephemeral. However, I’ll only be making the classic cocktails, so there won’t be any drinks whose names are apparently amusing double entendres…

So, with a mission statement of looking at the classics, I’m starting on a variation of the classic cocktail – the martini.

It’s a drink that I’ve come to fairly recently. Putting aside the obvious James Bond references, the martini is a formidable drink – one has to respect a drink that is basically alcohol diluted by slightly less strong alcohol.

Despite that, it’s still a cocktail that maintains a classy mystique – it’s what FDR drank when Prohibition was abolished and William Powell and Myrna Loy quaffed their way through the Thin Man films with them.

This is the variation I’ve been trying lately. Most have rather more gin in them; usually in a 5:1 ratio, but there was one variant invented by Ernest Hemingway where the ratio of gin to vermouth was 15:1…

Dirty Martini

2 1/2 measures gin

1 measure extra dry vermouth

Dash of olive brine (That’s what makes it dirty)

Lots of ice

Place ingredients in cocktail shaker. Shake. Pour. Garnish with green olive.

I rather like it. It’s dry and refreshing, although I still need to perfect what constitutes a dash of olive brine…


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