Cocktail of the Week – Mint Julep

Mint juleps just sound incredibly exotic, don’t they? The name gives no clue as to what they’re made of or how they’re made (with the obvious exception that they contain mint…)

Of course, they’re inextricably connected with the Deep South; bringing to mind the sun beating down with oppressive heat, while the crickets chirrup.

Not something one really encounters in the North East of Scotland though.

Nonetheless, the exoticism attracted me, and Elinor’s mint plant was conveniently close to hand…

Mint Julep

3 measures bourbon

1 measure sugar syrup

4 sprigs of fresh mint

Place the mint and the sugar syrup in a long glass. Muddle (i.e. bruise/squash) the mint. Add the bourbon with lots of ice.

To my surprise, it’s actually a very simple cocktail to make. The bourbon together with the sugar syrup means that it’s pretty sweet, although the mint takes the edge off it.

In hindsight, I’d had probably muddled the mint more to emphasise the flavour. Also, any drink that contains three measures of bourbon is not to be taken lightly…


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3 Responses to Cocktail of the Week – Mint Julep

  1. Maria says:

    Official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby. Very timely, it was just last weekend.

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