Cocktail of the Week – Old Fashioned

As I drink my way through this collection of classic cocktails, I can confidently say that there are some of them that I’d happily make (and drink) again and again. (But not in one sitting. Drink sensibly kids. (In fact, if you’re kids, you shouldn’t be drinking at all.))

For instance, Elinor has become rather fond of mint juleps. And I really like this week’s cocktail, the Old-Fashioned, which I discovered during my 35th birthday party.

This is yet another cocktail with a mysterious name; Wikipedia implies that it was the first cocktail and all others are just vapid young pretenders.

My recipe is slightly different from the standard one, mostly because I couldn’t find any sugar cubes in the shops, so just used normal sugar (as featured in the accompanying photo). I don’t think that it made any real difference….

Old Fashioned

2 measures bourbon

1 measure soda water

2 dashes angostura bitters

1 teaspoon sugar

Place the sugar in a short glass, add the bitters and stir arround until the sugar has absorbed all of the bitters (It should look a slightly alarming red colour).

Add the bourbon, soda and lots of ice. Stir.

This has a nice, rich taste, with the bitters offsetting the sweetness of the sugar and the bourbon. It’s definitely a sipping cocktail, rather than a “down in one”.


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