Cocktail of the Week/Fortnight – The Caesar

Right, I’m back – apologies for my recent silence, but I’ve been on a nice long holiday to Vancouver and Calgary in Canada.

Elinor and I had a great time – we visited lots of really nice places, met lots of really nice people and ate lots of really nice food. (Particular thanks to our friends Andy and Vicky for putting us up in Calgary.)

And we discovered new cocktails. Specifically, we discovered Canada’s most popular cocktail, the Caesar. It originated in Calgary in the 1960’s and seems to be fairly unique to Canada.

It’s also the first non-vegetarian cocktail I’ve come across, due to the inclusion of the mysterious clamato juice – a mixture of tomato juice and clam broth, which is sold in cans in Canada, but I suspect is very rare beyond it (and probably explains why Caesars can’t be found outside Canada).

While I did sample a Caesar in Canada, I didn’t make one, so the recipe below may not be a completely accurate representation of what I drank. (It looks pretty close though.)


4-6 measures clamato juice

1 measure vodka

4 dashes Worcester sauce

2 dashes tabasco sauce

Dash of salt

Add all ingredients to tall glass and mix. Garnish with lime and pickled asparagus. (Yes, picked asparagus.)

It’s quite satisfying and fairly robust, with a lot of body. The clams and the sauce mean it’s quite salty, but I rather liked it.


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5 Responses to Cocktail of the Week/Fortnight – The Caesar

  1. Elinor says:

    Clamato juice is available on Amazon, but does anyone know if you can get it in shops here?

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