Return to the workbench…

Back in the mists of time, before I got distracted by cocktails, I used to blog about my models – I think it’s about time I did an update on them.

(I also need to get back into blogging on comics – something on that should appear in the near(ish) future.)

When I last talked about my models, the Medusa mortar was almost done – all that was left was to paint the windows and do the decals.

I hate decals.

Decals are effectively stickers for models. However, someone, somewhere, has decided that peeling a sticker off a backing sheet and sticking it on to a model is far too easy.

Instead the decals are far thinner that a normal sticker, meaning that they look more “painted-on” than a sticker. They’re removed from their backing sheet by application of water, but their extreme fineness means that it’s all too easy for the decal to become a crumpled mess.

Over time, I’ve managed to come up with a number of steps that limits (but does not eliminate) the crumple factor.

1) Cut out the decal you want carefully, using a craft knife and cutting board

2) Apply thinning solution to where you’re going to apply the decal to – some solutions can also be applied to the decal once it’s in place to minimise its “shinyness”.

3) Put the decal on some wet paper towel for about 30 seconds – after that the decal should be ready to slide off its backing, but shouldn’t be a wrinkly mess.

4) Take the decal without its backing on tweezers or a craft knife and apply it to the model. Try to place exactly where you want it on the model – trying to move it afterwards is possible, but usually wrecks the decal. Gently smooth away any airbubbles with a paintbrush.

(No photos of this stage, as I needed both my hands…)

The end result should look like this:

The Medusa had 5 sets of decals, most of which went on fairly well…

And with the decals finished, that was the model done, two months after it had started.

Next on the build list is a supply truck for the Medusa (which is almost finished) and a walking forklift truck…


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