Cocktail of the Week – An update and a retrospective

Sadly, this blog hasn’t yet achieved the level of public consciousness where people stop me in the street and ask, “What happened to last week’s Cocktail of the Week?”

Nonetheless, the point remains that there was no Cocktail of the Week last week. That was for the simple reason that I was out celebrating my birthday with my friends and enjoying a few cocktails made by someone else.

Personally, I stuck to Gin Martinis, which I’ve already covered, and hence were excluded from being CotW. (Also, I probably wasn’t in a fit state to blog about anything the next day…)

Another cocktail related aspect of my birthday was the very kind gift of a cocktail tool kit from my mother-in-law.

It includes a strainer, a zester, two measures and a bottle opener – I’m hoping to get lots of use from it in next few months. 

Finally, there’s this week’s cocktail. It’s also a repeat, but it’s also the first time I’ve made it myself.

It is the notorious Caesar.

I have to confess that I never thought I’d make this one – where in the UK would one ever buy Clamato Juice, the tomato and clam mixture that forms the basis of the Caesar?

But last week, Elinor and I were walking through the soft drinks aisle of our local supermarket, when we spied a shelf full of Clamato Juice.

Needless to say, we had to buy a bottle.

We followed the recipe that’s here on the blog and we were pleasantly surprised – we both  agreed it tasted better than the version we had in Canada (possibly due to my somewhat cavalier use of Worcester Sauce). It was full-bodied and spicy yet very refreshing. It’s now a confirmed part of my cocktail repertoire (provided the supermarket keeps on stocking Clamato).


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