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Rebooting the Universe

Last week, Elinor mentioned how much she’d enjoyed the latest issue of Zatanna, which she’d just read. I darkly commented that the powers that be at DC Comics had just cancelled it… In fact, at the end of August, DC … Continue reading

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Cocktail of the Week – Horse’s Neck

I have to confess that I’m not really one for garnishes. I have a particular dislike of the school of thought that believes an otherwise uninspiring dish can be made exciting by popping a sprig of parsley on top of it. To be … Continue reading

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Cocktail of the Week – Harvey Wallbanger

When does a cocktail become a cocktail, rather than just a mixture of drinks? I suspect there’s more than one acceptable answer to this, but I think it’s when the mixture’s given a fancy name. The lines do blur though. … Continue reading

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Comic Review – Daredevil

As promised a while back, I’ve finally manged to get round to writing a new comic review. (Yes, I know that this was meant to be a weekly feature, but the plans of mice and men, etc, etc…)  Daredevil is … Continue reading

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