Cocktail of the Week – Golden Russian

It’s been many years since I’ve seen The Big Lebowski. But it’s remained in my memory since I saw in a small cinema in Edinburgh in 1998 – a tale of one man’s battle to get his carpet cleaned, against a background of gangsters, avant-garde art, bowling, and White Russians.

This would make White Russian a perfect fit for Cocktail of the Week – seldom has a cocktail played such a big role in a film.

Or more accurately, it would be a perfect fit, except for the fact that I don’t actually like cocktails with cream in them. I don’t know why – I’m perfectly happy to pour milk into my coffee and tea (even Earl Grey) – but that’s how it is.

Fortunately, the White Russian’s cousin comes to the rescue of this week’s blog, in the form of the Golden Russian – a heady mix of vodka, Galliano and lime juice that tastes really good.

Golden Russian


1 1/2 msr vodka

1 msr Galliano

1 teaspoon lime juice

Add all of the ingredients to a short glass filled with ice and stir.

(The cocktail on the right is for another week…)

This may be my new favourite cocktail. The sweet vanilla flavour of the Galliano is nicely offset by the sharpness of the lime juice and the after a couple of moments the harshness of the vodka gives it depth and a bit of a kick.


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