Cocktail of the Week – The Luigi

As this cocktail experiment goes on, the contents of my cocktail cupboard are becoming more and more numerous – perhaps at some point, I’ll have to get an actual cocktail cabinet. Ideally one that looks like a globe, holding various exotic spirits in its southern hemisphere.

(No idea where I’d put it though…)

Nonetheless, my expanded range of cocktail ingredients has meant that I can try a far wider range of cocktails.

Ingredients like Cointreau and grenadine, meaning I can now make the Luigi.

Disappointingly, the Luigi isn’t named after a certain Italian plumber’s brother, but is instead named after its inventor, Luigi Naintre, who was apparently a famous restauranteur in 1920’s London, running Romano’s, Ciro’s and the Criterion. (I must confess that none of these names mean anything to me, except for sounding incredibly glamorous…)

The Luigi 

1 1/2 msr dry gin

1 1/2 msr dy vermouth

1/4 msr grenadine

Dash Cointreau

Juice of half a tangerine

Add all of the ingredients to a cocktail shaker with lots of ice, shake and strain into a cocktail glass.

I didn’t have any tangerines to hand, but I did have a carton of tangerine juice and guessed that two measures was equivalent to the juice of half a tangerine. I suspect that it was too much – while my Luigi is orange, pictures of others show them as red or pink…

It is quite sweet, with the Cointreau adding a bit of a zing – I’m not convinced I’ve got it quite right though – it will definitely need a second attempt…


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One Response to Cocktail of the Week – The Luigi

  1. I’m sure you could squeeze it in the kitchen…

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