Movember Day 15

Burt Reynolds. Errol Flynn. David Niven. William Powell.

All great moustache wearers.

Sadly, at the halfway point of Movember, I’m can’t honestly claim to be in their number. But I definitely now have a ‘tache. It’s not a great ‘tache. It’s probably not even a good ‘tache.

But it’s a ‘tache. And it’s my ‘tache!

Many kindly souls have suggested that I bulk it up with mascara, eyebrow pencil or felt tip. Someone even Photoshopped a moustache onto a picture of me.

But I’m determined that it should be my ‘tache and my ‘tache alone. The point isn’t for it to look good – it’s to raise money and awareness for charity – my team passed the £1,000 mark today and we’ve still got half the month to go. So if you’d like to donate, please go to my page here, and click the “Donate” button.



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One Response to Movember Day 15

  1. It’s a perfectly respectable ‘tache. And £1000?! Blimmin’ ‘eck! Well done!

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