The Ephemeral Year in Review – 2011

As I’ve reached 2012 more or less intact, it’s time for this blog to celebrate by looking at the cul-de-sacs of pop culture I’ve meandered through in the last 12 months…

Some of the categories are different from last year, partly because my interests change as time goes on, but mostly so I can have a “Cocktail of the Year” category.

Cocktail of the Year

Golden Russian

(It’s the one on the left.)

The cocktail thread on this blog has gone from strength to strength since I started it in May. I now own 5 cocktail guides (including a repro of the 1930 Savoy Cocktail Book) and numerous pieces of cocktail making apparatus.

My personal favourite is probably still the Gin Martini, but the one that has had the most success among my friends and acquaintances is the Golden Russian – the sweetness of the Galliano and the tartness of the lemon juice mean that it’s a guaranteed winner.

Comic of the Year


As 2011 went on, I probably blogged about comics less, not because I wasn’t enjoying comics anymore, but because I wasn’t finding new comics that I felt like writing about. Spider-Man and X-Factor were still really good, but the DC reboot was disappointing, creating a universe of unrepentant bleakness. (Cynicism and misery don’t necessarily mean sophistication or high art…)

So the new run of Daredevil, where the hero stops being “a tortured guilt-ridden, self destructive punching bag” is something I love. The clever art showing how DD perceives the world around him and the brilliant plotting don’t hurt either.

 Hopefully it will run and run…

Model of the year

Razorwing Fighter

I’ve not blogged about models since July. But I’ve not stopped building models – far from it. This year I’ve finished around 10 kits and I’m starting on another. (One of my New Year resolutions should probably be to blog about models more…)

It’s been quite a mix of kits over the year. I’ve made my first resin model, built a couple of stompy robots and improved my painting.

The Razorwing is probaby the one I’m most proud of, as I managed to work out how to create a nicely sinister gun metal blue paintjob that works really well with the design of the model.

Mind you, The Eldar War Walker turned out well too.

TV Programme of the Year

Dr Who

Dr Who is probably always going to be my favourite programme of any year it’s on, but it was a cracking season, with hardly any missteps (although the pirate episode was a bit ropey.)

That said, the BBC4 repeats of Top of the Pops from 1976 have been strangely fascinating, in a slightly horrifying way…


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