Cocktail of the Week – Whisky Mac

It’s early January. The Christmas decorations have all been packed up and although the days are meant to be getting longer, it’s still pretty dark up here in North East Scotland.

It’s also pretty cold. Not as cold as this time last year, but cold enough, especially when the wind blows in from the North Sea.

So this week it’s another winter warmer cocktail – the Whisky Mac. (It’s also pretty good if you’ve got one of the colds that seem to be plaguing everyone at the moment – but don’t mix it with your standard medication.)

Note the lack of an “e” in “Whisky Mac” – this is the first cocktail I’ve made with Scotch whisky, instead of bourbon or rye. I’ve had a bottle of single malt in the house for the duration of the cocktail experiment, but it didn’t seem right to use single malt for cocktails – I acquired a blended whisky to make this.

Whisky Mac

Half fill a rocks glass with ice, add the ingredients and stir.

While it’s a slightly strange colour, this is probably the definitive winter warmer – the ginger in it is quite pronounced, but its sweetness means that it’s not too intimidating.


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