Cocktail of the Week – The Aviation

As is probably evident from the picture at the top of this blog, I like planes.

I’ve never lost the childish sense of wonder of being at 36,000 feet. It’s something that people patently shouldn’t be able to do – but rather that being a source of concern or fear – I find it’s something to be amazed by.

I know flying’s now commonplace and that parts of the experience are positively soul-destroying (I’m convinced that Hell is an airport departure lounge). But it doesn’t remove the thrill I feel when the wheels leave the tarmac.

In the early twentieth century, the sense of wonder was more common –  aviation was the wonder of the age, celebrated in every medium.

Including cocktails.

The Aviation was originally made with crème de violette, which turned the drink sky blue. However, crème de violette is rather difficult to find, which means that many recipes omit it – including the one I used.

The Aviation

2 msrs dry gin

1 msr lemon juice

2 dashes Maraschino

Share ingredients with ice, strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a cherry.

This is another gin sour, like the White Lady (but with Maraschino instead of Cointreau).

And like the White Lady, it’s very sour – you do taste the cherry from the Maraschino, but it’s only slight – the main flavour is lemon.

It’s certainly a drink I’d like to try again though – particularly with crème de violette.


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2 Responses to Cocktail of the Week – The Aviation

  1. Lift off is better than any rollercoaster. This sounds yummy.

    But, urgh, what’s happened to WordPress’s default comment settings these past few weeks? Suddenly I’m having to log in everywhere with Twitter! :/

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