Cocktail of the Week – The Algonquin

This week I made an exception to my normal rule of not drinking anything I can’t pronounce by making an Algonquin.

It all came about because I’d bought some pineapple juice to make a Singapore Sling, only to find that I didn’t have some of the other ingredients (something I’ve now remedied).

There then followed a search of cocktail recipes to find something that used both pineapple juice and any of the wide selection of spirits that reside in my cocktail cupboard.

The Algonquin is the result. It’s named after the New York hotel where it was invented, which in turn was named after the Native American people who were the original inhabitants of Manhattan. The Algonquin Hotel has a long literary tradition – Dorothy Parker held court there and it was where the New Yorker magazine was founded.

The drink itself is best described as an American Martini, with rye whiskey taking the place of the gin or vodka and pineapple juice being added.

The Algonquin

2 msrs rye whiskey (or bourbon)

1 msr dry vermouth

1 msr pineapple juice

1 dash orange bitters

Shake all of the ingredients with ice and pour into a rocks glass half filled with ice. Garnish with a cherry.

This is very nice – there’s sweetness from the juice, but it’s not at all sickly due to the vermouth and the bitters.


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