Cocktail of the Week – Americano

In the past couple of months I’ve finally managed to acquire something I’ve coveted for a long time – a soda siphon!


It’s an old fashioned way to make soda water – you pour tap water into the siphon, put the lid on, attach a carbon dioxide capsule and you get a pressurised bottle full of soda water, which you can then spray around like an unwieldy water pistol.

Arguably, it’s a lot easier to pop round to your local corner shop and buy a bottle of soda water, but where’s the fun in that? It may explain why they’re so hard to find, though. There are a few secondhand siphons around, but they’re not always in the best condition. (It’s particularly worrying when you pick one up and it sloshes – I’d rather not think about how long the water’s been in there.)

All I needed was a cocktail that uses soda water – I chose the Americano.

I’ve mentioned the Americano in passing once or twice before. While it’s nothing to do with coffee, the origin of its name is similar.  Both were favoured by American tourists visiting Italy in the early 1900’s and the locals renamed them accordingly.



2 msrs sweet vermouth

2 msrs Campari

Splash of soda water

Pour the vermouth and Campari into a short glass with ice. Add a splash of soda water.


This is a strange one, but in a good way. It’s initially quite sweet but with an extremely bitter aftertaste. It’s not unpleasant – in fact it’s extremely refreshing and makes for a good aperitif.


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One Response to Cocktail of the Week – Americano

  1. Martin says:

    Leave the campari out and you’ve got a very traditional Spanish drink: Vermouth and soda. Start with pure vermouth in your glass, ad a splash of soda out from your Soda Siphon, take a sip and than add again a splash of soda water. Then you take a sip again and fill it up with soda water again….Like this the vermouth is diluted more and more during your drink. Many tapas bars in Spain serve a soda siphon to every meal. They call it tapas and soda.

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