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Twenty (and fifteen) years of Astro City

The comic Astro City turns twenty this year. Not the best known comic in the world and not part of the “Big Two” comic universes of Marvel or DC. But it’s a comic series that means a lot to me … Continue reading

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Farewell to the Dandy

It was announced this week that Britain’s longest running comic, the Dandy, will cease publication in December with a special 75th anniversary edition. Weekly readership has dropped to less than 8,000, resulting in cancellation of the printed version. (Hopefully the … Continue reading

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Wallowing in comic nostalgia

In anticipation of the new Spider-Man film, Marvel Comics recently brought out Volume 11 of Essential Spider-Man. (The Essential series reprints (in black and white) Marvel comics of yesteryear, starting with the very first issues from the 60’s, which would otherwise be prohibitively … Continue reading

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Comics and Capes

This week, Dynamite Entertainment announced the details of the new Shadow comic that they’re planning to bring out in April. I was expecting to love this – the Shadow is one of my favourite pulp characters (as I’ve mentioned before) … Continue reading

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The Ephemeral Year in Review – 2011

As I’ve reached 2012 more or less intact, it’s time for this blog to celebrate by looking at the cul-de-sacs of pop culture I’ve meandered through in the last 12 months… Some of the categories are different from last year, partly … Continue reading

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First blogiversary!

On 31 October 2010, I started this blog. 1 year, 85 posts, 122 comments and 3632 views later and it’s still going. (To my mild surprise.) I’ve covered models and comics, Harrier jump jets and giant robots. Features like Three Things February and … Continue reading

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Rebooting the Universe

Last week, Elinor mentioned how much she’d enjoyed the latest issue of Zatanna, which she’d just read. I darkly commented that the powers that be at DC Comics had just cancelled it… In fact, at the end of August, DC … Continue reading

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