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The Ephemeral Year in Review – 2011

As I’ve reached 2012 more or less intact, it’s time for this blog to celebrate by looking at the cul-de-sacs of pop culture I’ve meandered through in the last 12 months… Some of the categories are different from last year, partly … Continue reading

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Return to the workbench…

Back in the mists of time, before I got distracted by cocktails, I used to blog about my models – I think it’s about time I did an update on them. (I also need to get back into blogging on … Continue reading

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From the Workbench 3 – The Bank Holiday

Here in the UK we’ve just experienced a rash of bank holidays, due to Easter and the royal wedding. (And, no, I don’t why the banks are used to indicate public holidays…) It’s traditional for bank holidays be used as an opportunity … Continue reading

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Three Things February – 20th February

1) Rejoining the gym and managing to use the running machine without severe injury. (Or any injury at all for that matter…) 2) Completing the tank! Even the Hated Decals. (I will have to do a post about why I … Continue reading

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From the workbench redux

Way back in November, I wrote about my modelmaking, and how I’d got back into making models. However, I neglected to mention any of the models that I’m working on. As I’ve not come across any exciting new comics this week, … Continue reading

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The Ephemeral Year in Review

Years are ephemeral by definition – they go and you can never return to them. But you can remember them and the things that happened in them. So in the spirit of the zillions of “Review of the Year” shows that … Continue reading

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Elves in SPAAACE!!!

I have a confession to make. I actually quite like Games Workshop models. Most people in the UK will be aware of the Games Workshop stores, with models of strange monsters in the windows. But most people don’t realise that the … Continue reading

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