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Three Things February – 23rd February

1) Godzilla attacking the Statue of Liberty – in Lego! 2) Building a wooden Eurofighter model 3) A lovely clear night, with a thin crescent of a new moon in the sky.   Advertisements

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Three Things February – 20th February

1) Trying (and failing)¬†to explain what Suzanne Vega’s song, “Tom’s Diner” sounds like; 2) Discussing the different names (and pronunciations) American and Britons have for ingredients; 3) A vast amount of tasty birthday cakes at work.

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Three Things February – 13 February

1) Realising that, when I was a kid, all consumer electronics were encased in teak… 2) Buying an ENORMOUS box of chocolates on offer in Tesco; 3) Elinor seeming a bit better…

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Three Things February – 10th February

1) Speculating with Elinor how good a Muppets Hammer Horror film would be; 2) Dinner out with Elinor’s work; 3) Photos of Imperial Stormtrooper families having fun.

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Three Things February – 5th February

1) Riding along in the car on a beautiful sunny morning with classical music blasting out of the stereo; 2) The loungesque grooviness that is Pink Martini; 3) French sausage and potato cheese bake – reassuring Sunday food.

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Three Thing February – 3rd February

1) Lunch at a very nice French restaurant¬†with Elinor and Kirsty; 2) My co-worker being compared to the Milk Tray Man for wearing a black polo neck – and then buying a box of Milk Tray for us… 3) The … Continue reading

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Sightings from the Heathrow Express

I was down in London for my work this week, and, as I sat on the Heathrow Express, looking out of the window, I saw a few things that made me smile. So, I’d like to take you on virtual … Continue reading

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