From the workbench…

Or more accurately, as I don’t have a workbench, “From the coffee table”.

Anyway this entry (and hopefully its successors) are about my efforts in model making.

When I was a kid, like most boys of my age, I made a few Airfix kits. One in particular, that we made at school, sticks in my mind.

It was a Curtiss Helldiver, and it was a disaster. I remember it as a large blob of glue with some wings sticking out…

This stayed as a small irritant at the back of my mind for about 20 years, when I finally decided to do something about it. I bought another kit of the Helldiver, built it and, with the help of my very patient wife, painted it. 

And here it is.

The Helldiver!

I was very pleased with it (although honesty compels me to mention that the tailwheel fell off while I was taking this photo. Don’t worry – I’ve stuck it back on.)

There then followed a few years of me buying model kits and not getting round to building them. (This is apparently normal in modellers…)

But eventually, I’ve started to build more. Quite a few of them are Games Workshop models, but not all are.

As the blog continues, I’ll try to track how my building goes and what goes into building a model.


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3 Responses to From the workbench…

  1. Ed. says:

    Good on you Ali.
    I remember building a YF-12A model.
    Not a blackbird, mind.
    It was actually sold as the interceptor variant of the SR-71 and came with missiles.

    Best airfix ever.

    I flew it about my bedroom for hours.

    The helldiver looks great.
    Much Luv.

    • Airfix are doing some nice stuff now – last year they did one of the TSR 2 (the great lost hope of British aviation…)

      Would like to do a Harrier at some point, but I really need to build some of my other kits first…

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