First blogiversary!

On 31 October 2010, I started this blog.

1 year, 85 posts, 122 comments and 3632 views later and it’s still going. (To my mild surprise.)

I’ve covered models and comics, Harrier jump jets and giant robots.

Features like Three Things February and Cocktail of the Week that I never contemplated when I started have appeared and continued.

The Taskmaster review brought over a thousand searchers to the blog, looking for details on his appearance in a computer game I didn’t even know existed.

It’s been loads of fun and I’ve got lots planned for the next year; including:

  • Movember coverage, as I attempt to grow a moustache for charity;
  • The second part of my long-delayed Five Ages of Comics series, just in time for the fiftieth anniversary of the Fantastic Four;
  • More cocktails and more models (though not at the same time).

So thanks to everyone for reading over the past year and I hope you enjoy the next year!


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Blogging about the geekier end of popular culture...
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3 Responses to First blogiversary!

  1. Yay! Looking forward to twelve more months!

  2. Congratulations and Happy Blogiversary!

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