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Three Things February – Introduction

January hasn’t been the greatest month for me, the nadir of which was the leg falling off my glasses for no obvious reason… So, to cheer myself up, I’ve taken up my friend Sarah’s challenge for Three Things February. The … Continue reading

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From the workbench redux

Way back in November, I wrote about my modelmaking, and how I’d got back into making models. However, I neglected to mention any of the models that I’m working on. As I’ve not come across any exciting new comics this week, … Continue reading

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Farewell to the Harrier

As a bit of historic aviation nut, I’m a regular reader of the historic aviation magazine, Aeroplane Monthly. (The only magazine, to my knowledge, that can claim to have interviewed both Bruce Dickinson and Norman Tebbit. But not at the same time.) Next … Continue reading

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Space vampires and other strangeness

The blog had a bit a of a spike in visitors this week – it turns out that Taskmaster has been unveiled as a hidden character in Marvel vs Capcom 3, which led people to this site (where I have … Continue reading

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The future ain’t what it used to be…

My festive reading matter included a number of books on what we used to imagine the future would be like. Principal among them was “The Wonderful Future That Never Was“, which showcases the visions of the future that Popular Mechanics Magazine published … Continue reading

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Comic Review – Amazing Spider-Man

I’ve always like Spider-Man as a comic character. From the start, he’s been a super hero who, despite being deeply angst ridden, has been able to elicit real sympathy in the reader. Being able to climb walls and shoot webs … Continue reading

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